I love second shooting!

(and I'll say it in Comic Sans,

just because.)

I am Captain of the All-Talk team.


I bring the energy and the crowd control.


I lose lens caps all over the place.


I love pockets in dresses (usually where the lens caps are).

And I think that a great second shooter makes you look like a rock star.

I've got you covered!


I've been working as a photographer since college, so close to 8,562 years.  Just as my business was taking off 11 years ago, I stepped back so that I could be an active participant in my boys' lives at baseball games, scouting events, theater competitions, and acting lessons.

I don't regret it.

Now that they are older and our weekends have changed, I have been able to do more second shooting jobs.

I am also a full time teacher, so I intentionally do not take on more than six lead weddings a year.  

I have built a solid business around families and seniors.  I have many families who have done annual sessions with me for more than ten years!

Liberty and Jeff sneak-6.jpg


I am always asked if I can handle a room full of guys getting ready.

I LIVED with teenage boys in a boarding school dorm as their dorm mother. I argued with them about bedtime and caught them sneaking girls into the dorm. I got them to clean their filthy rooms.  On game days, I helped get them pumped up by playing loud music, and after a breakup, they crashed on my couch and we ate ice cream together.   They were my boys. And they called me Mama P. 

It's the same on a wedding day.  I hype them up, I calm them down, I set the rules, and I run a tight, but rocking, pirate ship with music, shots, Backstreet Boys walks, and a few tender moments.


I show up at every wedding, looking like I'm moving in.

I shoot with one camera on each hip.  You tell me what you prefer for lenses, or you trust me to make the choice. I am here to help you.

Canon R6 Mirrorless
Mark III (2)

24-70 2.8 L

70-200 2.8 L

85 1.4 L

35 1.8 Macro RF

2 Godox AD200s

2 Godox Speedlights
3 Stands

Magmod shell

Two speheres



Triple the batteries that I need. Extra memory cards.  

Styling kit items

I can use AWB, Kelvin, or Expo Disc-- you tell me what will make your editing easier

2020 Papotto Bridal Details-12.jpg
Salem Cross Inn wedding-1.jpg


When I second shoot for you, I work for you.  

I'm not going to friend request your couple or slip the DJ my card to get my name out there.  


And I will respect whatever terms you have for image usage.



I will sweet-talk the DJ to make sure that we know what is happening in the timeline. I will be BFFs with the day-of coordinator. I will keep track of your timeline and give you reminders.  

If you want water, I will bring you water. If you need me to hold a reflector, I can hold a reflector.  I can help Auntie Barbara run the family formals list.  I can clumsily bump into Uncle Bob if he is in the way.  And if you want me to go take some super exciting photos of people standing around at cocktail hour and the 80 signs from Hobby Lobby because the that's super important to the bride, then I will do that for you.

Just ask.


My rate is $50/ hour.

New England is wonky, and you really do need to drive all over the area.  My hourly rates include travel up to 2 hours.  

After two hours of travel, I charge a standard mileage rate.

For gigs further than three hours away, please include lodging compensation.


Are you new to weddings and not sure how the day will go?  I am available to work for you on the day of the event as your mentor.  Please inquire for details.



I love to approach the day as a team-- as two lead shooters who each have a role.

When you are focusing on the couple dancing, I'll get. a few of those just-in-case shots, but I will also be looking around to see if the parents are hugging each other.  I'll look to capture the laughs of the crowd during a toast.  And I'll hope to catch grandparents holding hands at the ceremony.

And if you need to step out to use the restroom, to handle a phone call from your fighting kids, or to just take a minute to eat a snack, know that I've got you covered.


I LOVE to get on the dance floor and photograph it from the point of view of a guest.  I get right in the middle of everything.

And when the Cha-Cha slide comes on and no one knows it, guess who is going to teach everyone.

I will look for times when the parents of the couple are surrounded by groups of friends, and approach them to take a photo.  It's their party, too!

2018 Middlemiss Ball-285.jpg
bridal party-2.jpg


Over the last five years, I have invested in a lot of photography education, including:

• SLR Wedding Workshop

• SLR Engagement Photography

• Katelyn James Lighting and   Location, Consistency, and Details

• Amy and Jordan SEC, Posing, and Business

• Rob Greene Lighting

• Sopha Studio Lighting

• Audrey Rose Wedding Wksp

• Audrey Rose Bridal Details

• Refined Second Shooter

• Justin and Mary Lighting

• Ash Baumgarter Flat Lays

I am always learning!

email:      text or call: 978.844.6417