• Cara Parker

Ways to Entertain Kids When the Power is Out in Winter

When you're stuck at home without power to keep the kids entertained, it can be tough.  Suddenly, all of the toys that they own are no longer interesting.  They fight. They whine. Being out of a routine is a challenge for many families.

Here are some ideas to keep your kids entertained:

• Check out which museums are open. You might need to drive a bit, but it's possible that a local museum has power and is open.

• Find out if a local indoor play space is open.  Bowling, jump houses, trampoline parks, and indoor mini golf are all possibilities.

• Call your library.  If they're open, go over, play some of the games, browse for books, and bring some home.  The same goes for a bookstore.

• Build a fort with all the blankets, pillows, and sheets.

• Find all the solo cups that you have stashed around the house, and have the kids build towers.

• Build a marshmallow and toothpick sculpture.

• Make playdoh out of cornstarch and water.  If you add more water, you get slime.

• Challenge your kids to write and act out a play.

• Paint nails.

• Play cards.  Kings corner is a great game that even young kids can play.

• Make a paperchain for days until summer vacation.

• Teach your child how to use a needle and thread.  Use scraps of fabric to make clothes for dolls.

• Find some rope and learn to tie knots.

• Make a no-bake desert.

• Clear off the swing set and tire swing and play outside.

• Make a list of places you'd rather live.

• Make a bucket list for summer.

• Make a family vacation bucket list.

• Go sledding.

What do you do to keep the kids entertained when there's no power?  Comment below!

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