• Cara Parker

The Activities Can Change

The reality is that you never know what you are going to get.

I was a three-sport athlete.....on a New England Championship team...an All-Star in softball.. and one of the first female hockey players on an all-girls team in New England.

I also played the flute.

I married a guy who was in the marching band and who had earned some time on stage as an actor in musicals--- something that I always WANTED to do, but couldn't.

Because NO ONE wants to hear me sing.

Despite my lack of singing abilities, I know. my. music.

I mean, my superpower is that I can name just about any 70s or 80s song in three notes....


Child number one had big dreams of being a World Series Champion--- a Superbowl Ring holder, perhaps---

And then, instead, he stepped on stage, and the next seven years were about music, music theory,  voice lessons, piano, acting, and dancing.

Child number 2, at the age of four, wrote his own songs about his "Great Old Grandma".  He insisted on having me take video of him lip-synching "Cleaning This Gun" by Rodney Atkins, and only wore clothing with skulls and guitars.

He even screamed at his brother's baseball game, "THIS SPORT IS SO BORING!!!"

And then, out of nowhere, he was all about ALL of the sports.. ALL of the time.


Child number one continues to be involved in theater and music at the college level, but he also surprised us by joining the Ultimate Frisbee Team.  The Actor/ Singer kid became a college athlete.

No one saw that coming.

And child number two, who was all about rebellion, who knew all the lyrics to "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, and who dreamed of life on stage, all of a sudden was asking for pitching lessons.

And then, he made the team at his middle school, and then again at his high school.

I'm pretty excited about watching him play.

This is a sport I love. It's a sport I understand. It's a sport of strategy, of patience, and of a LOVE for the game.

We don't know what the future holds for this lefty pitcher/ 1B/ sometimes catcher/ future umpire.

So we will enjoy this while we can.  We will celebrate the kid who wears his school's uniform. We will celebrate our Grey Ghost.

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