• Cara Parker

Sunset Senior Session for a Creative Soul

Updated: Jan 10

I am always amazed at the talent that some high schoolers have. Emma's talent goes back to elementary school. Even back then, this girl could sing.

But it's not just singing.

Emma is a creator.

She loves to compose songs and perform covers. She even is growing her own youtube channel. She devours books and writes her own stories. She is an actor, and a girl with her own unique style. Do you see those flower boots?????? YES, PLEASE!!!!

And those long, gorgeous curls? Not jealous at all.

She loves nature and animals. She does girl scouts. And she is a free spirit.

Emma is also a film photography enthusiast. My heart beat wildly when she took out her camera!

Emma dreams of teaching. She is in the Future Educators of America Club, and hopes to teach music one day (like her mom) or teach English.

I always want to personalize a senior session, so knowing her passion for music, I had jokingly said to her mom, too bad we can't get a piano out in the field.

And mom had the solution!

It was a sunset serenade!

Emma, it was an honor to capture your beautiful smile and your joyful energy! I wish you the time and the space to keep creating! The world needs more art!


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