• Cara Parker

Doll Prom Photo Session

Sometimes, it's the hardest things that you have to do that make the most unlikely friends bond and become a group.

This group of friends met in accelerated math in fifth grade. Although they have quite a variety of interests, hobbies, and talents, they bonded in grade 5 over commiserating about the amount of homework and the impossible Problems of the Week.

And they have been the most unlikely group of best friends since.

They have helped each other through school for the last six years. They claim that 8th grade was probably the hardest, but they survived it. They have assisted each other with homework through facetime and met up at Panera to study for tests. And they are all on the high honor roll with amazing opportunities on the horizon.

Three years ago, while studying for the 8th grade math final, they made a pact that they would all attend junior prom together. The support that they had given to each other over the years meant everything, and the bond that had formed was unbreakable.

So we met up on this unbelievably windy night. We considered rescheduling, but with their activities and commitments, we decided to just go for it, stray hairs and all.

Friendships like this continue for life. I hope that one day I get to photograph one of their weddings, and I get to see all of them in attendance!


Cara Parker is a portrait photographer who misses photographing people so much during the quarantine, she has passed the time by developing friendships and story lines with dolls and toys.

As soon as the quarantine is over, she is headed to the salon for a haircut and color.

If you are a junior or senior who did not get to go to prom, contact me to find out about special friendship sessions in your prom attire later this summer when the governor lifts restrictions.



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