• Cara Parker

Maybe We All Need To Be Okay With Okay

Raise your hand if you made a schedule, set up a learning space, went all gung-ho on this at-home learning, set up a chores chart, and baked cookies yesterday.

Now, raise your hand if you are already all done and don't care what they do.


I think it's going to get worse before it gets better, and I am not talking about the virus.

It's going to take us time to adjust. This isn't a weekend with sports and birthday parties and playdates. This isn't summer vacation with camps and the beach and pool gatherings. This isn't a snow day with jammies and pancakes and hot chocolate.

This is a complete change of how we do everything in life. This is your family home all day long, after living a life of never being home.

We need time to grieve the social connections at work and at school. We need time to accept that the house is going to be a disaster. We need time to realize that we cannot be Pinterest moms while also trying to keep our careers afloat. We need time to be sad that we can't just go to Target for some time alone.

We need to recognize that "okay" will be okay.

Take a deep breath. Take the next few days to do whatever you can. Focus on what your work routine needs to look like. Then, in a few days, figure out how you can keep your job while also making sure that your kids are doing some of those activities that the school gave you. Give them a few chores. Set some reading time. Schedule in a family game.

But you don't have to be a Super Homeschooling Parent right now.

The big idea is to keep them home, keep them safe, and do our part for society.

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