• Cara Parker

I Didn't Get To Say a Real Goodbye

I didn't get to say a real goodbye to them today


Normally, before a break, I give hugs and high fives on the way out the door. I tell them that I will miss them. I tell them to be safe. I tell them that I will see them later. It's an idiosyncrasy. If I say it, it will be true. They'll be back.

Today, I knew by noon that they would not be coming to school tomorrow.

But I wasn't supposed to tell them. So I didn't.

And they left, thinking that there was a vocab quiz and a homework assignment due tomorrow, and some of them left their instruments, water bottles, favorite books, and homework behind.

As of right now, we are only closed for tomorrow.

But all that is going to change in the next few days.

And it might be a few weeks before I can see them again. And some of them might have their lives changed.

Some will get sick. Some will have a sick family member. Some will lose a loved one. Some may get hospitalized. Some may be left with a lifetime of respiratory problems. Some may never be able to play sports or an instrument or dance the same way again.

And just like we always say Goodnight and I Love You to our families, I always tell them to be safe and that I will miss them when they are gone for so long.

But I didn't get to say that today.

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