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How Can We Support Our College Kids Who Are Home?

It's been a great junior year. He's been enjoying the coursework. He's navigated a lot of situations with professors and has done it successfully. He's been co-running Ultimate Frisbee, is a leader in chorus, and has done an absolutely impressive job in leading the Drama Club. And he has made lifelong friends.

All of that has been taken away.

I don't blame the college. They did exactly what they needed to do.

But I feel so bad for these college kids, to suddenly have all it taken away and to return home without warning.

He's on spring break for a few weeks, but when college coursework starts back up, it's going to be tough finding a rhythm.

The college is still trying to figure out what it looks like. Are classes meeting online at a set time? Will work be assigned at the start of the week? What will happen with all the science labs? What types of things have to be changed?

I think the thing that we need to keep in mind, whether the "kids" are elementary, middle, high school, or college, is that THEY ARE GOING TO MISS THE social piece. They are going to miss their routines. They are going to miss their activities.

There is going to be a huge grieving process.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to need to make some adjustments to having the four of us home. Here are a few things that are already on my mind. Feel free to chime in, because this is new territory.

1. I need to remember that a college sleep schedule is not like our sleep schedule.

2. I need to allow him time on his phone to connect with friends without always getting annoyed.

3. We need to provide him with a place to do his work.

4. We need to help him navigate this new style of learning.

5. We can model problem solving of online learning as the rest of us in the house figure out how to do this too (as a student and two teachers.)

6. We need to have him help out around the house, but also need to respect the amount of time that school is going to take up.

7. We need to allow him time to grieve the loss of the play, a frisbee tournament, a concert, and a proper goodbye to friends.

I'd love to hear from parents whose college kids are headed home or just came back. Let's help each other to help our college kids.

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