• Cara Parker

Did You Give Up, or Did You Give It Your All?

There is one defining trait that I believe all successful women possess:

When faced with adversity, they don't give up.

Instead, they give it their all.

It was announced yesterday that schools in Massachusetts will continue with remote learning until the end of the school year. It stinks. No one wants this. It was the right thing for the Governor to do, but it still stinks. For everyone.

How did you respond in front of your kids? And is that the life lesson that you want them to take away?

Remember when your high school team lost the championship game your sophomore year? Did you give up, or did you come back and give it your all the next season?

How about when you were a junior, and you got passed over for that leadership role that you had tried so hard to earn? Did you quit that club, or did you show up at every meeting still acting as a leader, even without the title?

What about senior year, when you didn't get into your top choice of school? Did you give up your college dream, or did you find a perfectly awesome school where you could give it your all and be very successful?

Think back to college, taking six senior-level courses and doing an internship and working two jobs, wondering how you were ever going to make it to the end of the semester, living on three hours sleep and coffee and Mountain Dew? Did you give up, or did you give it your all and graduate with honors?

And then you were a newlywed, trying to push your way through a new full-time job while pursuing a Masters Degree, when you found out you were pregnant. Did you give up on your degree, or did you give it your all and have that amazing baby and become an incredible mom and still continue to work towards your masters degree while working full-time, even though it took longer than expected?

Then there was the time where you were passed over for a promotion. Again. Did you give up your dream to advance your career, or did you give it your all and develop the skills that you needed to be in that role?

Think about how full your schedule was just before the world shut down. You and your spouse were both working stressful and demanding jobs, with your kids involved in every single activity ever offered. Did you give up and make everyone quit everything, or did you give it your all and find a way to make everything fit into 168 hours?

You have lived a life full of adversity. You have learned some hard lessons along the way. Because of those lessons, you are thriving. It might not feel like it, but you are one amazing mom who has some very important lessons to pass on to her children.

So, how did you react to the school closure? And what are you going to do moving forward?

Are you going to let your kids do whatever they want, or are you going to hold them accountable for doing a respectable job, even though the school is only offering "credit/ no credit"?

Are you going to let your kids mope around because prom and class trips are cancelled, or are you going to have a good cry with your child then find a way to help others who are less fortunate than you? Are you going to lie around on your phone all day and saying that you don't care, or are you going to get your kids to help you with projects around the house that you never had time for before?

Are you going to keep doing things for your kids, or are you going to teach them some life skills now that you all are home?

Are you going to let your kids spend their nights playing video games, or are you going to see the gift of time that you always wish you had, and require a mandatory nightly family game?

How you show up in front of your kids is your choice. And you can still choose to do things differently.

But in this time of adversity, are you going to give up on parenting, or are you going to dig deep into that drive of yours that got you where you are in your career and give it your all?

You have a choice about how this next chapter begins.

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