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Five Things I Thought I'd Be Good At..... If Only I Had the Time

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We are now at the start of the third week of staying home. School is closed, sports are cancelled, scouts has moved online, lessons are done, my photography business is on pause, after-school jobs need no rides, college boy is back home, stores and restaurants are closed, and life in Coronavirus Time is not a vacation.

When they first sent us home from school, I really thought that I was going to have so much time. Finally, I was going to become the Domestic Goddess that I always thought that I could be, but never had the time.

In fact, I spent the first day making a bucket list and a daily schedule for myself.

I don't even know where that list is now.

I have the time now, but I'm still not making gains in these things.

1. Meal Planning. With all of our family's allergies and pickiness, every meal is a challenge. But doing the first big shopping trip of our shutdown, I still didn't have a plan. I just bought things. Every night, even though I have all day to figure it out, I feel like deciding what to feed these people is pure punishment.

2. Cooking. I have already ruined a pulled pork, burned gnocchi, ruined egg noodles, and had a pyrex dish explode.

3. Cleaning. I feel like I am spending all day sweeping and putting things away and wiping things down, yet our house still looks like it does on days when we enter and exit the house 14 times in between all of the activities.

4. Following a plan. I know that I need a routine, but I just jump from task to task without a plan. I accomplish a lot; it just isn't in any particular order.

5. Reading the books that I checked out. I got 12 books from the library before it closed. I read one book and keep looking at the list of others that I was so excited about with a complete lack of enthusiasm.

So what have I been doing?

Connecting with my students online.

Emailing families of my students.

Finding activities to keep my students engaged and curious.

Trying to learn how to be a virtual teacher.

Teaching others how to be a virtual teacher.

Running a Boy Scout Merit Badge.

Walking the dog.... a lot.

Playing nightly games with my family.


Important stuff.

I think I'll stick with the important stuff.

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