• Cara Parker

Choose People Over Productivity

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I promise you....

Your child's future is not going to be ruined because your district waited a week (or two, or three) to start a distance learning program.

I also promise you that your child is NOT going to get in to Harvard just because your district started Distance Learning on Day 1.

Is your child safe? Does your child feel well-loved? Are you speaking to your child? Are you replacing all your sports and lessons and activities with a board game or family walk? Are you noticing when they feel down? Are you providing time for them to talk to their friends? Are you giving more hugs than usual?

No one's future path in life is going to be changed because of a when your child's school district decided to give you a list of apps to play on a cheap chromebook.

But your child's emotional wellness and future success will be influenced by these five things:

1. How you treat your child during this crisis 2. The limits you set and enforce 3. The resilience you foster 4. The creativity that you encourage 5. The family time that you spend

Choose people over productivity. Every single time.

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