• Cara Parker

Boston Theater District Senior Session

I remember watching Kyla across the church aisle when she was little. With her blonde curls and million-dollar smile, she was always so full of joy.

Fast forward 13 years and she still has the curls and the smile and she radiates joy.

Kyla's passion is theater, so we wanted to do something different.

We met at 6:30 am in the Theater District in Boston to do her senior portraits.

It was early, but it was worth it. Because of the time, it felt like we were the only ones in the city.

On a "normal" Saturday, the theaters would have been buzzing with service trucks making their deliveries and with staff prepping the theater for the matinee. Because this isn't normal times, we had the whole theater district to ourselves.

In addition to her love of theater, Kyla has dreams to become a nurse. She's been actively researching colleges and universities that will allow her to be in the nursing program while also pursuing a theater minor.

At the end, we walked by the Back Bay Theater, where her High School Drama Club has attended the State Finals for Theater Competitions. This building carries a lot of sentimental value to her, so we made sure to end her session at this special place!

Kyla, I hope that your senior year (whatever it looks like) is full of memories of being adaptable, pushing through challenges, and coming out with that joyful attitude and million-dollar smile (and don't you cut those curls!)


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