• Cara Parker

Benson Farm Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 28

I met up with Stephanie and Easton at Benson Farm in Hudson, NH. Stephanie had warned me that she would be barefoot-- she wasn't kidding. She walked that entire property without shoes. How? I'll never know.

What you notice right away about Easton and Stephanie is their connection. It's electric.

(How did she walk everywhere in bare feet?)

I'm still mad at my self that I didn't try the Dirty Dancing Lift with these two fitness pros! (But I think this spin made Easton dizzy!)

We made our way to the pond, and asked a fisherman if he would move out of our way for just a few minutes. Totally worth it for this shot!

A quick outfit change at the car, and we headed to a spot that didn't look like much from the car, but it had the most amazing light. Good light is always the priority, and it made this spot look heavenly.

They definitely did the best twirl ever. We should have recorded a video to show other people!

Stephanie and Easton, you were so much fun to photograph! You made it easy!

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