• Cara Parker

A Very Covid Easter

Easter is probably my favorite holiday.

I'm not a fan of Christmas. It's. Just. Too. Much.

Thanksgiving is great, but when you are allergic to everything on the table, it's no big deal.

July 4 is usually chaos. Someone is working. Someone is at camp. It's Derek's birthday (on the 3rd). Or we are on our way to a big trip. And the kids hate fireworks.

Halloween? Creepy.

But I LOVE Easter.

I believe in the power of spring, after a long and hard winter.

I believe in the miracle of warmer weather inspiring change.

I believe in the magic of children searching for eggs.

I believe in families getting together, before the chaos of May.

I believe in big family gatherings where cousins who love each other get to hang out, and if we are lucky, get to be outside for a few hours on a warmish day.

I believe that Easter gives us hope that all will be well in the world.

This Easter was tough. I miss the family meals. I miss the egg hunt for the younger generation. I miss the beer hunt for the older generation. I miss standing by a still-covered inground pool on a kind-of-warm day, in the brown muddy grass, knowing that spring and summer are just around the corner.

It was hard.

But, I also know that Easter is about sacrifice. And this year, we all had to sacrifice for the greater good.

So while it was tough, it was a lesson in humanity. Sometimes, we need to sacrifice as an act of love, for our fellow citizens, our health care workers, our loved ones, and our society.

Sometimes, sacrifice is the thing that will change the world.

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